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Meditative Healing is a new approach to transformation, healing, personal and spiritual growth both and based on meditation. Meditative means with awareness and love. Healing means relaxing deeply into ourselves, being one, in harmony. This deep letting go, this inner relaxation reconnects us with a state that is also called our unique and authentic nature. We are born already perfect. We simply need to remember it.


Meditation is an invitation to relax and to let go. It is a journey into our interior world, into our uniqueness and ultimately into our consciousness. Meditation is a space of spending time with oneself. When we relax we experience everything that is good – peace, harmony, joy, bliss and love. The word 'meditation' has the same root as the word 'medicine'. Meditation is the medicine for the soul.


My name is Jivan Ananta and I work as a meditation teacher, facilitator, healer, medium and channel. My work is inspired by the Indian Mystic Osho and his vision for a new humanity. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to share my own understanding and experiences.






Grow in Love and Awareness.

Learn meditation.

Let your life be a celebration.


Meditative Healing offers a variety of programs supporting people in healing themselves, discovering their inner source, experiencing the power of meditation and transforming their lives into a fulfilling blissful experience.


Here are some examples of what is offered:


  • Workshops that teach about the basic functioning of our human body-mind organism and give transformative tools for daily life
  • Courses designed for deep explorations of our life energy (Hara, Chakras, Energy bodies, Aura)
  • Retreats as an invitation to discover and experience 'meditation'
  • Trainings to let our inner hidden qualities and talents grow (energy healing, energy reading, channelling)

  • Individual sessions for healing (physical, emotional and mental, esp. trauma and shock)


Meditative Healing combines modern psychology, esoteric science and the ancient wisdom of Shamanism and Tantra. The format of the various programs is experiential and consists of energy work, western psychology (Gestalt, psychodrama, etc.), holistic healing, shamanic rituals, metaphysical techniques, tantric approaches and esoteric science methods.












Total relaxation is paradise.












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I am available online for the following individual sessions:


Energy Reading

Meditative Energy Healing

Meditative Coaching




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